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Shock Absorbers

We have been manufacturing hydraulic shock absorber systems since the 1970s. The majority of passenger rail cars, locomotives and tramways used in Poland feature our products.

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Our hydraulic shock absorbers are available in single-action and double-action versions. The orientation on rail car trucks can be from the vertical to any angle up to 70° from the vertical. The additional shock absorber dome enables horizontal installation.


To assure optimum damping forces, the company has purchased a computer-aided test stand. All hydraulic shock absorbers manufactured or repaired at GROWAG are tested on our modern MSP 25 test stand controlled by a LABTRONIC 8800 digital testing system.

The damping force of every shock absorber is plotted with specialist software (with full data archiving). The performance curve of each shock absorber is included with its quality certificate to give a precise definition of damping force, and to generate unique digital certificates traceable to individual units. This guarantees the performance of our finished products. It is the only test stand of its type and capacity in Poland.


As a specialised manufacturer of shock absorber systems, we offer rotating repairs and reconditioning of our units to ensure quick replacement of worn units with fresh units from stock. This reduces the replacement time to a minimum and cuts the shipping costs by half.